segunda-feira, outubro 13, 2003

Ainda Evgen Bavcar

Sobre a capacidade de criar com o corpo. De acreditar na beleza de uma imagem concebida com desvelo, mas jamais vista. Pelo menos com os olhos.

"Slovenian landscape

My childhood world was one of light and eternity. Everything comes from there. I try to salvage everything I can from my homeland. Family album photos are my favorite. When a friend described El Greco's paintings to me, light and colors are what I remember from my childhood. For me fluorescence will always be light shining on water, the reflections I saw. I have to go back to my country often to refresh my palette.

When I go back to my hometown I touch the trees or the bottom of walls to feel the passage of time. But what's most important is what goes on in my head, what I imagine. It's what I call the gaze of the third eye."

"Portrait with hands

Every photo I take I have to have perfectly organized in my head before shooting. I put the camera at the height of my mouth and that's how I photograph people I hear talking. The autofocus helps, but I can manage without it. It's simple. I measure the distance with my hands and the rest is done by my internal desire for images. I know there are always things that escape me, but that's true of photographers who can physically see. My images are fragile; I've never seen them, but I know they exist, and some of them have touched me deeply."

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